Wait – Why the Hell is Deborah in America?

9 Dec

Firstly – Why am I doing this? No, it is not a Holiday. I believe performance poetry changed my life. I believe it is a universally powerful tool that is under-utilised. The essential skills behind it are communication and presentation – and who doesn’t need to be good at that at some point in their lives, either with themselves or others? Well, I want to be better at it and I want to be part of the amazing movement, stemming from America that is advocating it as a tool from education, self exploration and community cohesion.

How am I going?

Earlier this year I won a Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Travel Scholarship. An amazing amazing thing that you should look into because it gives young people in Nottingham the opportunity to travel American between 1 and 3 month and explore their profession, bringing their skills back to Nottinghamshire on their return.

Honestly, I think I won it because I cried in my interview. Hopefully because they saw my passion rather than felt sorry for me.

So from the 6th Dec ’11 – 23rd of Jan ’12 I will in traveling across the USA performing, open micing, teaching, lecturing, discussing, networking, staying with natives and learning – oh how much learning there will be.

What am I doing?

The premise of my project is to explore how the USA uses performance poetry (or  page poetry, creative writing, performance and any creativity) to educate, to unite, to empower and to develop young people and the communities they live in.

I have planned the whole trip myself. All the scholarship does is book my flights and give me the money. And I am so glad this is the way it works. Before I even left I learnt so so so much!

So, if you would like to follow my poetic journey across America! Keep up to date on the Mouthy blog and Youtube. And do not forget to take a look at the beautiful words of the Mouthy Poets while you are there.



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