10 Things you Must do in Chicago

28 Dec

In no particular order…but 10 has an interactive element 🙂

1- SHOP! They have all kinds from second hand book stores to thrift stores (charity shops) and a Dr M’s store! This is a picture of the earing I have been doodling in my mind for years and I managed to find it for $18 in an exchange store around the corner from the Damen (blue line) train station.

2- Go to Millenium park – it looks amazing! This was just one of many beautiful shiny things 🙂

3- Write poetry, over and over again, inspired by the young voiced around you; at Lethal Poetry, Louder than a bomb, Collumbia College Poetry BA, magazines, basically every bar has a poetry open mic to inspire you! In fact, I was so inspired I had a small nervous breakdown – a good one, where my emotion fused with my writing and I felt that refreshing kind of vulnerable that makes you feel human…you know? Or is that just me?

4- Decide 3 meals a day is not enough, try 6. The resturants are amazing; brunch, sushi, pizza, kebab, cake…you name it, they got it.

5- Watch Loader Than a Bomb and if you are around in march go and watch the biggest community slam in the world. Where young people from schools across Chicago build a community of poetry and excellent minds. Warning: you will cry.

6- Talk to everyone! People are very friendly. I have been looked after so well by humans and animals alike.

7- Walk. The houses are non terraced which means that on every street their is an array of interesting and innovative archutecture.

8- Go to the Green Mill where poetry was invented! Where it is crazy and I am not sure if I liked it or not but it was an experience like no other and I saw Marc Smith (aka slampapi) dress up as a christmas tree!

9-Go to a Moth Story Slam. Check the link – nuff said!

10- Go to Oak Park River Forest High School where Peter Khan runs the biggest Spoken Word school program in the world. Where his students come first, second and third in nation wide competitions and he knows every on of the 3,000+ students by face. Where spoken word is a culture of the school, like potato waffles or spaghetti hoops!

In fact their Louder Than a Bomb slam team was so dedicated that they all came to school dressed as various celeb’s just because their slam coach challenged them. I love it! Guess who is who?

I had the honor of teaching them a session and I thought I would share the session plan I did with them with you + Latroy, one of 60 amazing young poets in the Spoken Word club at Oak Park has been lovely enough to let me share the poem he produced from the session with you as an example. (To be continued)

Interactive blog, Utah and San Francisco coming soon.

Debs x


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