Mouthy Romeo & Juliet…

28 Dec

To any of you who were not at the session with Simon Seligman from the Playhouse, here’s a quick recap:
An exciting run of Romeo and Juliet is due to start at the Playhouse in March 2012. The marketing department have asked Mouthy to participate…

Forty minutes before each performance, Mouthy will mingle with the audience in the foyer and bar areas and perform/entertain/engage them. The idea is to stimulate and prepare their senses for the coming performance of the play, which is directed in a very innovative way.

We spent some time brainstorming ideas and themes
Feuds and disputes
Gun crime
Role of mothers
Coming of Age
Pressures of Society
Friends and family
Family tradition
Fitting in

and ideas of things we might do
Silent poems (flash cards)
Flash mob poetry
One to one poems
Serenading an audience member
Taking over the tannoy system
story telling
2 minute synopsis of play
Walking from group to group to deliver a poem

We also discussed some dos and dont’s
No swearing!
Don’t scare them!
Stimulate them
Engage them
Give them a taster of who Mouthy are

Do you want to be involved? Do you have any ideas?

We need to commit to this so that the Playhouse can publicise it in advance – can you sign up for matinees or evenings or both? We will draw up a schedule of dates so each performance has some kind of Mouthy element.

The show runs from March 13th to March 24th with 11 evening performances and 4 matinees.

Contact me(Anne) or Panya if you want to be involved (or comment on here).

I am really excited about this… the Playhouse are entrusting us with an audience who are coming to see Shakespeare… and they will be getting a little taste of Mouthy into the bargain!


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