Say sumthin III, Romeo & Julliet and Notts Tales

8 Jan

Say sumthin III

The first session back went off with a bang (sorry about the cliché!!!) Due to unforeseen circumstances including the flu I (Panya) facilitated the session solo and enjoyed every minute of it, especially the part where Stephen demonstrated his charms in wooing members of the opposite sex!!! But it wasn’t all role play and wine gums and much work was done beginning with SS3.

Task: recap on Progress so far for SST3. Confirm people who want to be involved, titles of pieces, are pieces complete, been posted on blog for feedback?

Mouthy members are working hard on their pieces, listed below those present who want to be involved and the title of their poems. Everyone was encouraged to put their work up on the blog for feedback.

Ioney – untitled

Honey – ‘Joyce’ (working title)

Asha – Untitled

Chris – ‘When I Met a Genie’

Serita – ‘Emancipation’

Stephen – ‘Outlines’

Maresa – ‘Ice Cold’

Matt – ‘Classroom nightmare’ – Length 2 mins

Warda – ‘The Poem’ (working title)

Panya – ‘Deep’

Romeo & Juliet

Simon Seligman from the Playhouse, have invited Mouthy to participate in an exciting run of Romeo and Juliet which is due to start at the Playhouse in March 2012. The show runs from March 13th to March 24th with 11 evening performances and 4 matinees. The marketing department have asked Mouthy to perform/entertain/engage the audience 40 minutes before each performance, in the foyer and bar areas. The idea is to stimulate and prepare the audience senses for the coming performance of the play, which is directed in a very innovative way.

A fantastic idea storming session was led and the provisional plans (they need running by Bea first) are.

Tuesday 13th March

Tannoy take over – Honey and Ioney – Radio show agony aunt sketch – 7 min.

What would you do? – poem performance – Serita, Matt, Maresa, Caroline – audience participation Q&A 7 min

Wednesday 14th March

individual performances by



Thursday 15th March

Nothing programmed for matinée performance at this stage

Friday 16th March

Flash Mob – Stephen, Asha and Chris directing this sound scape piece. As many Mouthy as possible to take part.

(Will be a bit like those T-Mobile Ads) Mouthy milling about in the audience and then grouping to recite an 8 line poem.

using the tannoy to help get the audience’s attention.

Lift poem – Panya – poem on placards in the lift.

Saturday 17th March

Flash Mob repeated at matinée performance (2.30pm)

Tannoy take over – Honey and Ioney – Radio show agony aunt sketch – 7min. Evening performance.

lift poem – Panya

Monday 19th March

Nothing programmed at this stage.

Tuesday 20th March

Nothing programmed at this stage.

Wednesday 21st March

Nothing programmed at this stage.

Thursday 22nd March

Nothing programmed at this stage.

Friday 23rd March

Flash Mob repeated.

Lift poem – Panya

Saturday 24th March

Flash Mob repeated

Tannoy take over

Lift poem – Panya

It’s all provisional at this stage, as we need to run it by Bea and Simon, and there are dates when nothing is happening, so if you were not at Mouthy on Friday and you’d like to input speak to Panya as she will be coordinating Romeo and Juliet.

Francesca Beard

‘Notts Tales’ is a multi-platform story-telling project with three key elements, a participatory live event, creative workshops and an on-line platform that attracts, develops and sustains creative communities. From January 2012, Francesca will be working with the Mixed Reality Lab, at the Computer Sciences Department, in Nottingham Uni as part of a residency to prototype technology to support the live shows. She is looking to work collaboratively and co-curatorially with performers and writers (as well as visual artists and musicians) at various stages of career and experience towards developing a live story-telling event that involves community participation and interaction, both prior to, during and following on from the show. She is offering to run spoken word workshops as well as work one-to-one with emerging artists who are part of Mouthy Poets and associated networks. she will be facilitating a workshop on the 20th and coming back again on the 3rd Feb. Debs will be co-ordinating this piece of work so contact her for more info.

Right that’s me done,



2 Responses to “Say sumthin III, Romeo & Julliet and Notts Tales”

  1. mouthypoets January 8, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    Looks like you covered a load of ground, sorry I missed it. Romeo & Juliet plans look great, hope we can fill up more slots. Francesca Beard’s session will be one not to miss, she’s going to perform for us and do some work on personas. Her second session will outline what she’s looking for, for Notts Tales project. My piece for SST3 has a working title of ‘cutting away’.

  2. Lydia January 10, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    other fears and phobia’s if not to late: slugs, snails, spiders, touching velvet and eating raw tomatoes xx

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