Forging ahead with Say Sumthin III

14 Jan

Another packed session on Friday, we met Giles Croft, the Artistic Director of Nottingham Playhouse, did a soundscape warm up with Panya (they never fail to make me smile… maybe that’s why my son enjoys making random noises so often?)

Panya is continuing to organise the Romeo & Juliet warm-up schedule, so you need to get in touch with her if you haven’t already committed to dates and activities.

Next week we have Francesca Beard delivering a workshop, so try and come to that, she’ll be performing and working on personas. During that session Roger McGough is dropping in to say hello – he is a time honoured poet, part of the Mersey Sound with Brian Patten and Adrian Henri and wrote some of the dialogue for the Beatles’ movie Yellow Submarine. He is a performance poet, broadcaster and writer and was the first poet I read who spoke about everyday things, and changed the way I looked at poetry.

Then… the following week I need a hard copy of your piece for SST3 – Debs will be back HURRAY!!! and I would like to hand her an enormous stack of A4 paper and say “Behold! The script for Say Sumthin Three!”

At this point we can confirm the groupings we’ve been working on.


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