Writers Block? Try this.

15 Jan

Although I, like many other writers, don’t believe in the god of writers block, I think this is a good exercise…STEALING!

So, whilst in New York, I judged the Knicks Poetry Slam and wrote down all my favourite lines. My challenge is for you to use these lines – rearrange them, change them, add new ones, take away old ones…do with it what you will to create your own masterpiece. Take away the preassure of having to start from scratch. Then hopefully when you are done you will be able to be a little bit more objective about asking yourself questions like – why did I delete that line? Why do I like this line? What could this mean to another person?

Would be great to see if anyone comes up with something 🙂

‘Harlem don’t need no more caricatures of poverty.’

‘That bond was stronger than my grandmothers teeth’

‘I was in a world were little girls hopscotch without chalk…where little girls skip without the rope’

‘these bones that break like family trees’

‘When I pull away my hands all I get is crushed butterfly’s’

‘She was told “mother’s baby, fathers maybe”

‘forget the haters they can all get run over by the F train’

‘now I can never experience anyone’

‘your eager windpipe’

‘A lying king like Simba’

‘Society raping mother nature’

‘Who I’ve forgotten never died’

‘Drinking the remembrance of our lost ones’

‘If blood is thicker than water how comes it spills faster?’

‘I used to be a daddy’s girl but eight year old princesses don’t dream of their houses burning down.’

‘Dear stranger, I love you’

‘When he commits adultery with himself’

‘bluntly whiplashing your honesty’

‘forcefeeding my eyelashes mascara’

‘I tasted beauty with my eyes today’

‘She doesn’t need to dress like this in November’

‘Her tears that smell of semen’

‘I’m more like a magazine I got a lot of issues’

‘when you left you took a lot more than your things’

‘Can love be used in the wrong way, like frying chicken without grease?’

‘I was born into a divorce’

I shudder at the thought of being anything like myself’

‘Disregard them like fresh spittle’



Debris x


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