Making a different journey

22 Jan

Just got back from a weekend in London. I normally drive because there’s a car-load, it’s cheaper, quicker, goes when you want to go, stops when you want to stop… this time I took the coach. Earphones in, up high, looking down at the view that usually races past at my shoulder, no yelling at Beemers and Mercs for cutting me up on the motorway, no decisions about which route to take – just get on, sit and get off when it stops.

I saw different things, thought different thoughts, remembered things I didn’t even know I’d forgotten. I wrote poems and made notes.

So here’s my challenge- change your route slightly, change your mode of transport. If you’re going somewhere and you’re not in tooo much of a rush, even if it’s to work/college/corner shop – if you normally walk, bike it, if you drive, bus it, get a lift, skateboard, roller blades? I guarantee your brain will find new thoughts which you can turn into writing.


One Response to “Making a different journey”

  1. mouthypoets February 13, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    This really is lovely and a very poetic suggestion. Do you want to refine in down into a poem? I think it would be a nice one! My friend created a poem you could download on your iPod and it would poetically document your journey. Might be an idea the next time you get the coach down? Debs x

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