One Easy Way to get £150

13 Feb

…okay, not easy. But it is worth a look. If Mouthy show enough interest I will run something make you all apply 🙂


If you are ready to submit an idea, click here, otherwise read on for more information…

Think Tank: The Flash Journal is a collaborative e-journal aimed at engaging people from the East Midlands (aged 16+) with the themes and issues on display at Nottingham Contemporary; one of the regions’ leading art galleries.

We understand that people experience strong reactions (both positive and negative) when visiting a gallery or museum, so we decided to provide an online space through which these thoughts and memories can manifest themselves; to provide a degree of longevity to exhibitions and their spaces.

All we ask is that you visit Nottingham Contemporary; think about how you want to respond to what you find within the gallery and/or its surrounding environment, and submit the project to us for consideration.

All accepted projects will be shown at our launch event (June 2012, Nottingham Contemporary) and judged by the audience. There will be substantial prizes on offer:

First Place:

  • A prize up to the value of £150
  • An offer of a place on our committee in the following year (should you choose to accept it).

Second and Third Place:

  • £50 each (probably in the form of vouchers to be used within Nottingham Contemporary)

You might like to consider:

  • How people interact/behave in a gallery space
  • The boundaries between art, science and other
  • What art means to other people; how does it inspire
  • Everyday situations/Unusual situations
  • The interpretation of reality
  • Belief systems (social, political, religious)
  • The theory of evolution; humans, animals, plants
  • What is ‘natural’?
  • The use of language/text
  • Buildings and their hidden corners
  • Relationships between gallery staff and public

To explore these themes your project may utilise:

  • New social media networks
  • Photography/Video/Documentaries
  • Spoken-word poetry/MCs/Sound/Interviews
  • Writing/Short stories/Illustration/Recording

We want you to be in control, so choose a method most suitable to your needs – if it’s not listed above, don’t worry, just contact us and we’ll probably give you the go-ahead.

Remember that all projects must be transferable to an online environment and must also be a direct response to the exhibitions on display at Nottingham Contemporary; other than that the freedom is yours.

Now it’s up to you to visit the gallery and return to this webpage when you have an idea of what you want to respond to and how.

Think Tank: The Flash Journal may also offer financial support to applicants for both equipment and travel bursaries. Please to see if we can help you.




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