London Riots – Storm Spiders

14 Feb

Anansi didn’t quite the last laugh this time
drench with innocent blood pouring out from cold limp body
as forensics flash camera shots at his corpse probably chalking out scenes the news will recite blow for blow fondly…
….Now his black widow will see the world through blood shot crimson eyes
her screams and cries will shake the skies.

No forecast could predict this ravenous downpour they came sweeping from city to city like locust for the score..
Unattached from the webs of society spun shards of silk and cried anarchy
Numerous by number gassed with greed and an insatiable hunger
Of white and blue collar united in sin sons mothers and daughters ..
Gluttony streaks through arson lit streets
Tuscany sunshine preferred as clouded parliament wait on empty seats
Pressure is high in this storm a country fading to bleak
An uprising opportunist standing to feet.

It’s funny how fear watches everyone like the eye of a storm
Finger pointing head banging cries for norm.
As the dust settles on what was the scar tissues of old wounds re-opened
The question still remains
In years to come will lessons be learnt?
Would the burning embers of lives and dreams destroyed in these gales of madness be forgotten?
Or will it be a just a distant memory locked away in a bottle bobbing up and down on the blue lunar tides lost at sea.

Perhaps it’s just me or to be…
Perhaps more specifically the period!
This period!
The generational collective as a whole displayed cries of grief, strife, rebellion , greed & malicious war hollers.
This indeed was the time Britain showed it’s true colours.



2 Responses to “London Riots – Storm Spiders”

  1. Chris February 14, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    Ah Larnelle, I can’t really give deatiled feedback as I’m in a bit of rush but this is tidy work, there’s some awesome imagery in there, personification of fear and ‘Would the burning embers of lives and dreams destroyed in these gales of madness be forgotten?’, I rate that.

    • Matt M February 15, 2012 at 3:27 pm #


      I like the middle and end of this a lot but feel like the beginning needs tidying. Once you settle into the rythm of it, its quality but that doesn’t happen straight away.
      I like the repetition of they and really like the last line.

      Matt M

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