Travel to America from £2?!

18 Feb

That is right, a taste of America is on offer this Friday 24th. During their European tour, Mr. Jon Sands and Kenneth Arkind will be running a workshop at Nottingham Writers Studio (click on link to book) 2-4pm and then doing a reading at Nottingham Playhouse 5-6pm!

This is one of those opportunities that makes you realise how Mouthy is a constantly growing force able to create links with all sides of the globe , so really, being a part of this session will be so beneficial for you individually, as much as  for our whole taking-over-the-world goal, after we give a wicked Mouthy welcome to the pair and showcase what we’re all about.

Fair enough Jim, but who exactly are these guys and why should we be excited? Answers below:

Jon Sands is a poet that you immediately want to disco with and invite to a funeral. Fun-as and hella’ human. Writing with an electric storm of hope and trust in I-was-there-experience:  he has a habit of dancing over his poems, improv performances on subway trains and exploring his relationship with home, people and, oh yes, love.

Here’s the non-Jim biog:

Jon Sands has been a professional teaching & performing artist since 2007. His first full collection of poems, The New Clean, was released in 2011 from Write Bloody Publishing.

Jon has performed and facilitated workshops extensively with university and arts organizations both nationally and internationally, represented NYC multiple times at the National Poetry Slam., and lives in Brooklyn, where he makes better tuna salad than anyone you know.

Footage yo: 

Ken Arkind is like a fireball of emotion who dresses wacky and compares life to Mario Super Brothers. The kind of performer who can jump from vulnerable love poems for U.S Cities, to explosively raw outbursts of what’s-up-with-that-whole-religion-thang?  He may or may not have an awesome beard these days.

Extra info:

Ken Arkind is a National Poetry Slam Champion, Nuyorican Poets Cafe Grand Slam Champion and full-time touring artist who has performed his work in every corner of the US, Canada and at over 200 colleges and universities. He is Executive Director for The Denver Minor Disturbance Youth Poetry Project, an independent literary arts organisation dedicated to helping Colorado youth between the ages of 13-19 find their voices through the mediums of poetry and performance.

Proof of evidence? Here’s his terrifying/breathless-yet? performance of ‘God Box’: 

Workshop at Nottingham Writers Studio 2pm-4pm £10-£15 email ASAP to book a place as they are limited!

Performance at Nottingham Playhouse 5pm-6pm, £2 first come first serve.

p.s – apologies for any Americanised word use in this blog. I do not know where it came from. Quite.


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