For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.

20 Feb

The Nottingham Playhouse will soon be hosting a production of Romeo and Juliet. Courtesy of Nottingham Playhouse four mouthy poets were given the opportunity to see the play at Nuffield Theatre, Southampton. I had no preconceived ideas about the play. I had erased Leonardo Dicaprio as Romeo out of my head and was ready to view the play with an open mind.

The opening scene was crafted well to incorporate traditional Shakespearean language and modern day acting and there was enough of an impact created to set the tone for the rest of the play. The large digital clock, the soundtrack and the 2012 wardrobe assisted in bringing the play neatly into the 21 century in a way that I feel Shakespeare himself  would have liked.

During the interval we couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the older gentleman behind us complaining to his wife. His opinion was purely about his disappointment that some of the speeches were omitted. I some what agreed with this notion as some of the most famous monologues were left out. On the other hand I felt that the play was long enough at over 90minutes and felt everyone should have understood the play without hearing every speech within it. I’m not sure if my lack of patience was down to the fact that I already knew the ending so there was no need to drag it out, or because I was seriously hungry after the crazy train journey from Nottingham.

The set design and use of the stage was fabulous and I am very tempted to see it again as I would love to see the production on the Nottingham Playhouse stage. Actors and actresses all seemed to fit there part and were cast well. However, after the show we definitely decided there were a couple of characters who definitely shined brighter than the rest. But, I shall say no more because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. Post a comment once you have seen it and let us know who your favourite actor/actress was.

Overall I would give Romeo and Juliet 8 marks out of 10. The biggest let down was the sliding door affect where time was rewound. I don’t think it added anything special to the play, and I may have enjoyed it more without. The acting is fantastic and the set is marvelous too. I would recommend that you do go and see it and view R&J in a different light.

On behalf of Mouthy poets I would like to give the Nottingham Playhouse a massive thank you for this opportunity. We had a really wonderful time and a new experience.


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