Why Debris’ brain feels like a Universe …

1 Mar

Debris Here!

At the moment Mouthy are working themselves to the marrow on Say Sum Thin III by creating group story poems. Each of us wrote a first draft and we then formed groups to try and create collaborative stories from the similar theams, characters and narratives in our pieces.

I gotta say, it is ****ing HARD!!! But, we have a vision of understanding narrative, creativity and theatre to a greater extent and we feel this is the way to do that.
To say thank you, and drop a little inspiration in the mix, here are some videos of other group pieces that I think are really interesting 🙂

Brave New Voices was a slam that ran on HBO in the USA, showing millions the power of slam, spoken word and group performance poetry.

Loader than a Bomb is the worlds biggest interschool slam in Chicago, but after an amazing documentary (soon to be screened by mouthy in Nottingham) it is not going global inspiring projects like Shake the Dust in the UK.

I think this is a really interesting piece because, although an advert, I think Aisle 16 are very interesting because they take on parody characters to present poetry in an amusing way.  Their way of satrically approaching inclusion in disability I thought also might be interesting to some of Mouthy.

I think floetry here show that sound and movement overlapping can really achieve something special. What do you think?


Hopefully this has got you thinking outside the air outside the box 🙂



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