Why the Hell do you Do It?

4 Mar


Here is why, how and what I do … comment yours!



I believe a universal understanding and appreciation of performance poetry will internationally improve oral confidence, cultural openness and personal and social communication.



But constantly attending events, conferences, open mics, readings, lectures and listening and studying. Pushing myself to understand the cultural and social role of literature throughout history up to now so I can build on that work and make literature a more accessible and empowering tool for everyone.



I write, perform, teach, lecture, research and coordinate poetry.

Right now I am stir-frying the following;

-Teaching an undergraduate module in beginners poetry at The University of Nottingham, Creative and Professional Writing BA.

-Slam Producing and Artist Liaising Shake the Dust East Midlands, the biggest poetry slam (competition) ever to hit the UK!

-Teaching in Bulwell Academy, working with students as a writer in residence for First Story – creating an anthology with the students.

-Running The Mouthy Poets alongside Anne Holloway and Panya Banjoko of whom have Say Sum Thin III, Lyric Lounge Corby and a Festival coming up.

-An MA in creative writing at The Unviersity of Loughborough Full Time (just got 2 module marks back, 2 distinctions WOOP WOOP)

-And I am working on my own commission to Research and Develop a play with Nottingham Playhouse (content of which is top secret at the moment).

-Dedicate every spare non-sleeping/eating time I have to listening to the beautiful words of people like Mouthy.



One Response to “Why the Hell do you Do It?”

  1. Anne Holloway March 7, 2012 at 2:40 pm #

    Why: because I have a million stories bursting to get out and when they do get out, it feels good and makes other people feel all sorts of emotions too, added to which I believe that we all have a million stories inside and that these stories need to come out – I would like to help with that. And, I can show my children that you don’t have to live the life that everybody else does, unless you chooose to.

    How: By learning (courses, workshops, BA, MA, performances), by experiencing anything and everything, by trusting other writers and artists, by listening and by working hard.

    What: Write poetry, fiction and plays and screenplay, blog, co-facilitate Mouthy poets with Deborah and Panya, study (BA and MA) whilst working full time and raising three children as a single mum, applying for PhD funding, working on novel number 2 whilst trying to get number 1 published, writing every day, applying for writing work every day, managing 5 staff, running a home,doing laundry and washing up and cooking, writing some more.

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