Jay Lay Returns

10 Mar

If any of you went to Say Sum Thin I no doubt you  will remember the wonderful hosts, Jordan and Mitchell. We have been missing them a lot since because they hav e been focusing on their acting. But bellow is proof that the skills are still there. Here is a poem by Jordan for feedback…

Full Flight like an Eagle(Rough Draft)

The reason for the piece is because in this world deep inside everyone is an animal whether they believe it or not. E.G. “man dem” would be dogs just like when they “where my dogs at?” the Prime Minister would be the lion of the jungle while the Queen would be the elephant… but I claim to be an eagle.     

I’m feeling like an eagle…

Focus, chilled, calm above the world on a high level

On the cliff, eyes narrowed down, target locked on them people

Like a predator biding time to swoop down on it’s pray, who are my rivals

On the beach I see a flock of crows and seagulls

A mixture of black and white, segregation anit the sequel

See in this community it’s all for one, one for all

The three musketeers’ I took that on board me, myself and I stand tall

In this world, while it revolves, as it’s heading for 2012

December 21st, but I couldn’t care if Armageddon calls

My Nokia C3 in my pocket, telling me the worlds soon to fall

In the depths of abyss which is a black hole, then the earths explodes

And what was once a blue ball between Mars and Venus

Is then nothing more then a shadow of what was an elution

But let me jump back to me and this eagle definition

Till then I’mma live life, fly, on the high edge position

So I’mma keep my pearly dark brown eyes, locked on the prise

First place is my motive, second and third is never on my mind

Cause if I take my mind of first, a pigeon will swoop in through the finish line

And take my title of the king, through the breezy air of cloud nine

So I make sure the prays in sight, and keep the twinkle in my right eye

Glide down so elegant, claws sharpened, heading straight for the guy

Catch him, eliminate him out of the line, then set of to the sky

And feel the wind beneath my winds, because I’m an eagle in full flight   


One Response to “Jay Lay Returns”

  1. Anne March 12, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    Great to see something written on the page from you, I haven’t seen anything before – I can hear you performing this. There is, as always, humour, which gives the piece momentum- the eagle as a symbol, is one that has been used so often, I think it would be really good if you could fine another bird to use instead – it’s just that the very word eagle brings with it images that have been so over played that you set yourself a really hard task to write something different. Try it with some other bird of prey?

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