SST3 GROUP 1 – Jim, Nardia, Gayatri and Mattman

12 Mar

3 chairs on stage in bench-like set-up. Matt enters stage left, Gayatri stage right. Sit on opposite chairs. Matt facing away from Gayatri, Gayatri looking towards Matt.

G: I only ever knew you as a lazy afternoon.
M: I can’t notice the world turning, we’ve been flung out of orbit.
G: Even in the darkness of your eyes there were crystals of individuality.
M: But in the depth of my solitude you’re still here with me, why? The place where the pain lingers and happiness was forgotten.
G: As I listened the tension held us and the air seemed to crystallise until I saw you in a thousand fractured images.
M: In a thousand fractured heartbreaks all I see is the times we cut instead of kissed.
G: I tried to breathe in to tell you to forget the past, you were my idea of perfection, but you never heard me.
M: The building blocks of destructive words have created a wall that you cannot climb over.
G: I was never able to reach out to you, you never looked me in the eye.
M: I tried. That day you went to hold my hand, I nearly let you. All I felt was 9pm, Matalan Car Park, only me and her.
G: But I see you, just you.
M: You would not have wanted to see me that night, Astra door slammed, I ran for the 60 bus, she ran for me.
G: I wore my best blue dress for you, you cloudy mirror, why can’t you clear yourself?
M: The cracks have shown what I couldn’t see before. There are gaps between the past and the present I forgot how to jump.. there is no reflection here. We won’t last.
G: I’ll never be her in your eyes, no matter how hard I try.

Gayatri and Matt turn heads far away from each other, freeze. Jim enters, sits in-between the two. Jim and Nardia Audio pre-recorded poem part 1 plays. Jim responds physically to dialogue as it plays out:

N: You were never the average guy

J: Even when our love was a Hackney estate playground past 1.30am?

N: The mind in your shaven head worked overtime – next venture, next move

J: do you remember when I asked you to spray paint 18-rated violence over my pre-watershed heart?

N: ..and you wore flowery sunglasses, beads and mohair with panache and suave sophistication

J: I swept away all of my shadows to find you that night

N: The FTP tattoo on your neck freaked me at first. “FOR THE PEOPLE” we told my Nan as “FUCK THE POLICE” may have caused an outburst

J: I think I will always play tag with your shy ghost, dangling those knee-length Forever 21 boots from the stubborn roundabout

N: you stimulated my thoughts

J: we are still spinning, we are still running

N: you were a solider to the movement and prepared to fight for it

J: we are still spinning, we are still running

N: your intellect is second to none

J: can we touch noses lying backs against the hopscotch chalk again?

N: you debated with articulation and conviction

J: can we still light sparkles in our gloved fists?

N: you joker

J: scald pet names along our necks?

N: you made tears fill my eyes

J: I told 999 to stop calling this a crime scene. That we only ever committed ourselves

N: you made my sides ache

J: I smashed the see-saw in two, so we could forget about balance

N: you had the ability to bring a smile and a feeling of comfort

J: we banged on top of the monkey bars once, do you remember?

N: no matter how big the mistake

J: I painted them your favourite purple after

N: you were spontaneous

J: I threw your dress over the basketball hoop

N: midnight walks in snowy filled parks felt like a dream

J: even drew an outline of our unborn daughter in Crayola

N: your love for children makes my heart hurt

J: it looked like a 4-year old’s squiggle of a donkey

N: your love for children makes my heart hurt

J: yesterday I swallowed the love letters I never wrote

N: you were never the average guy

J: my hands pressed fingerprints over your cheekbones

N: I still drive 5 miles for the South Asian Dosa you loved

J: I left, with your surname scarred across my knuckles

Jim slumps head down, audience focus returns to Gayatri and Matt. Matt walks half-off stage. Addresses Gayatri, who is still looking away from her chair, with his final 2,3 lines.

M: I fell in love to fall out of it again, she is my past, you can’t be my future

Matt leaves stage. Gayatri follows, pauses before leaving. Gives her final 2, 3 lines.

G: You look through me like a piece of glass, I’m your crystal ball.
G: We could have been something.

Jim lifts head, responds physically again to final part II audio dialogue:

N: You were never the average guy
J: I left with your surname scarred across my knuckles
N: you never left
J: We will always be something
N/J: We will always be..

Jim gets up, hovers by the now empty ‘bench’, and finally walks off stage.



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