What is controversial about love?

14 Mar

Last Friday me and Anne asked all of Mouthy what they thought was controversial about love, these are some quotes from the discussion we had … feel free to comment and add more 🙂

-It’s one of the biggest killers of women.

-What would you do if your daughter came home with a white guy?

-Even when you’re enjoying it there is still pain

-She’s 40 and he’s 18, sometimes it’s wrong and sometimes it’s not?

-I was 18 when I proposed to my wife, am I happy?


-I think feet are awful, I would chop mine off…

-Not everyone agrees on who can love who…

-Does no necessarily exist?

-Are you a feet guy?

-It is a constructed thing.

-It is easy to run away from.

-Sometimes you love somebody/ something so muh that you don’t know how to express the feeling and it can manifest as inward agression.

-It is the title.

-It is such a monumental thing it is easy to dismiss.

-Electric shot treatment

-Dori from finding Nemo is a lesbian politic activist.

-It sucks.

-Everybody needs it.

-Nobody needs it.

-Define it!


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