23 Mar

 By Ioney Smallhorne

We met,

 after emotional days

In concealed places

where I felt safe to

Vent experiences


couldn’t be express

using Primark clichés.

 I alighted from the tabloid transport 

That convey’s me from A to B,

To find you, on the meandering  Free-write road

Igniting thought patterns

that previously were stifled by cramped punctuated margins.

You approached me with singing melodies

Of lust and flattery, hip hop injustice and jazz melancholy

I was dazzled by the rhythmic bass

we embraced as my hips coordinated with your musical vibrations

That disguised your brilliance and true eloquence

But after stripping you from the instruments

I recognise your intelligence

and I was blessed the day we acquainted.



One Response to “Untitled”

  1. Ste March 27, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    Really like this poem Ioney. I was unsure of the 3 lines which come prior to the last line – the repetition of the ‘ance/ence’ sound felt potentially a bit much – but when you performed it at Romeo & Juliet on Friday I was left convinced.

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