Mouthy Poets T-shirt making session you say? This Friday (20th)? You know it!

16 Apr

So last mouthy session we were joined by one Simeon from Bantum Clothing who gave us a little insight into what they are about, modelled some hyper- creative and very much mouthy-stylee’ material alongside giving a few thoughts on what to expect when he returns this coming Friday to facilitate a full workshop just for us on designing T shirts.

Here’s a link to Bantum’s website where you can check out what they do and who they are:




Well, as awesome it is to get stuck in (and this will be very much an interactive, hands on /designing-from scratch experience) this is our opportunity to create a shirt design that is a brand for Mouthy, represents who we are as a collective and continues to spread our stamp on the community and beyond.

Do you have any ideas for slogans, words, phrases that represent what we’re about? Keep this in your head and bring them to the session where we’ll be working together to craft the perfect Mouthy T shirt!

5pm start at the playhouse as usual – don’t be late!




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