Auditioning, Spying & of course Writing…

5 May

Hello this is Ioney typing

So if you are unaware, the Mouthy Poets have been asked to perform at the Lively Bird festival, which takes place on the 26th May in Burton Joyce (don’t ask me for directions, it’s somewhere!!!) £20 for adult tickets £12 for 11-17 yr olds free entry for children aged 10 or under check out for more info (what…you expect me not to plug!!!).

Lively Bird Fesstival

The festival will host some of Nottingham’s finest musical local talent and poets…namely the Mouthy Poets!!! But being a Mouthy is something not to be taken for granted…you can’t just turn up each Friday and expect to have a slot, oh no… we have to earn our slots and yesterday we had a mini show case of all the Mouthy’s that wanted to be considered, which was recorded by Ms Debris and will be scrutinized and evaluated by headline acts John Berkavitch, our very own Debris and Sam the lovely guy who is organising Lively Bird. There are a range of performance slots and workshop facilitating slots up for Mouthy’s to bite; 5, 10, 20 and a 30 minute slots. I have gone for 20 minute performance slot and a 30 minute workshop. I’ve been working hard to put together a set that will invite audiences into my British-Jamaican-silly theatrical-serious socio-poltico-mind. This will be a great poetical lunge forward for me- but don’t worry I’ve done my warm ups…performed at Say Sum Thin 1,2 and 3, at Corby Cubes 1st anniversary, and a couple open mics in Notts, I’ve also been working on Shake The Dust as a poet shadow earning valuable experience facilitating workshops, so I feel I’m ready…fingers crossed! You can also look forward to seeing the premier of documentary series Tradition produced, directed and edited by me! Yes I’m a documentary maker too… I like to keep all nine fingers and my two thumbs in all kinds of deliciously creative pies.

ioney smallhorne documentary maker & poet

Tradition introduces you to musicians who reside in Nottingham but originate from various places in the world and play traditional instruments. You will meet Ney Corte real from Angola who plays the Hungo and dikanza, the virtuoso Sura Susso who plays the beautiful kora, Mohamed Jaberi from Iran who plays the Daf and a few more.


I think we will find out who’s mouth has been selected to represent The Mouthy Poets at the Lively Bird early next week…

For the remaining time of our Mouthy session yesterday, we were all transformed into Mi6 spies! We were despatched at various points around the Playhouse to either eavesdrop conversations, survey patrons appearances, evaluate the surroundings and dissect peoples voices to collect inspiration for poems. So I set out to complete the mission using all my of stealth like qualities to inconspicuously spy on unsuspected Theatre goers…the only problem was I’m not very inconspicuous I joined Debris who was sat downstairs around a table as people were milling about before the Mary Shelly play. I spotted a target…a maturing silver haired wild eye-browed man wearing a racing green tailored jacked with tweed sharply seemed trousers and proudly polished dark cherry brogue-like shoes. The wild-eye-browed man noticed me and Debris diligently writing, he came and sat at our table and ignited a conversation ‘…you’re a very industrious pair!’ he declared.

Debris revealed that we were poets ‘…we are always looking for inspiration’ I added.

‘…well maybe I can inspire you’ he said!

This writing exercise is one I recommend you trying if you want inspiration for building a character and or scene.


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