6 Aug

Hey there, Francesca here. Just wanted to jump on and say a big thanks to all those who came to the Mixed Reality Lab last Friday to do the bodystorming for the Screens in the Wild. To send Steve your ideas, please use this form:

Me and Anne will be running DIYversify workshops on the 10th pm and 11th September in the market square as part of WEYA and the Lyric Lounge. I’d like to do a scratch ‘What Do Lies Do’ performance on the 11th September in the afternoon so we need some content to structure the show around.You guys who came to the workshops in July had great ideas for audience participation games which we can adapt for the scratch. We need three triangulated points of view.  So, I’m sending out a prompt for this week-  a first person story (poem or prose) of less than 999 words which explores ‘What Do Lies Do’ Anyone who posts will get proper feedback via email and then again, via phone. 

(ps Hector, please do your ‘Lies are part of human social evolution’ piece?  Jessica! Explore the different weight of lies!)

love and squalor, 




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