Draft for Diversify, what does a lie do… by Anne

13 Aug

I remember when we moved into our first flat, the one on the attic floor, with the tiny kitchen and the bath that took an hour to fill, because you had to get the water stream turned down slow for the combi-boiler to kick in.
He had the knack, I could never get it right.
I remember saying one day, ‘what’s that smell?’ he couldn’t smell it. I thought it was in the hall, it kind of came and went. I stuck my nose in all the shoes that got thrown in the cupboard there. Nothing.
Then he smelled it too, so now he was on a mission.
Together we sniffed through to the room, and into that tiny kitchen. It had to be in there.
We cleared out the cupboards, stripped out the fridge, under units, above units, even bought a new bin… then we found it… a carrier bag hung on the back of the door, inside, 2 pork chops, turned pearlescent pinky-green with decay. And even with them tracked down and dealt with, the stench of those chops lingered for days, stinky ghosts, irritating my nostrils.
That’s what a lie does. Once you get a whiff of it, you have to track it down, but even when it’s dealt with, the stench still lingers. Still get a whiff sometimes if I see a chop.
It’s like a dark blue sock in your white wash. No amount of Glo-White or scrubbing with Vanish is going to get that white again.
So when people tell me you should be careful who you meet off the Internet, don’t trust strangers, I’ll say, ‘sometimes the people you’ve known your whole life, turn out to be strangers. So, just be careful.’
I knew him for fifteen years, met him through my best friend from school. She knew what he was like, but she couldn’t tell me because she had secrets of her own, and that kept her quiet. Blowing his cover might have blown hers too.
But then, just like those pork chops, the stench gets stronger, and sooner or later, we get to find out what it is.
And just like that white wash, all the clean stuff turned grey. So stuff like, ‘I love you, you’re special, you’re beautiful,’ that’s all shitty grey now and I’m left with nothing clean and bright.


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