27 Aug

It’s like the blindness with sight

the silences with soul

With the loudness of heart

Feels like melted gold

Sweet high shining glimmering sparkle

No nickel in sight prosperity for life

Your name makes my words triple off my tongue


Create statical inclusions

Shivering up and down my spine

That’s just me imagining what it would be just holding you close

In the arms that never felt this close to anyone before

You came and made me realise that love was not wrong

Not embarrassing

It’s just how life seems to be

Something naturally that excisit between you and me…..

In a sequence of leaving to loving receiving to loosing

Mourning to amusing

You surprise me with the delightfulness of welcoming love

The sound of that beat coming from your heart

Makes its waves connect to mine.

Crashhhhh “bbbrrrrrrrr ahhhhh and ooohhhssss”

That feeling that makes me feel all wooozzzyy

Just when I look at your beautiful gleaming smile


I mesmerize the taste of your tobacco coated lips just like it was yesterday the smoked up room and your dogged red eyes

eye lids shutting like car window wipers bapping with dry tears of sleep

fatigued yawns but smiles all around.

My sleepiness drooped down onto your tired body just like it was today…..

Ur sweet night talk’s swifts to and fro I hold you tight within my sleepy arms….

You’re like a baby that I did not give birth to but I loved as though I created…..

We created you created like a seed sowed into Mother Nature blooming out from the earth erupting into life……

Goose bumps you supply

nooo need to drink booze smoke to get high

Your electric current sends protons circulating my anatomy

Nerve ends grotestidly.

Mapped around my body…

My day dream of you sitting next to me again……

It all starts from a stare into space as though your body is close …leading onto a smile and sigh that’s so loud but memorising………..pipe dreams of you……..night dreams of you….

But nightmares when I don’t see you I can’t feel you………

The currents has deterred…..

But somehow you find away to communicate

so blessed is all seen. Me and you 2012

BY Raisa mcleary francis x


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