In the Studio

1 Sep

So me, Serita, Miah, Emily and Deb have been jamming in Project Studios for a few hours now, working on the CD to accompany the WEYA project (as yet untitled, vote on Facebook kids).
Earlier on, Deb and Emily decided to busk out a quick mash up, Deb’s words and Emily’s lyrics backed by some trippy guitar licks, and it sounded bloody awesome.
I was sat in the control room listening to their voices through the speakers as Henry played along on a blue electric guitar and did a bit of writing. So here it is – – –

When your voice was
a tannoy warning
and our side activity,
flashing lights and never
enough buttons, wires
and flirting keys, you
were Belefonte building
waves, riffing the soundtrack
to the moment, not
just in the next room
but disconnected
and all the more present
for the parallelity of
the soft echo of your
ease the metronome
beat teased out in time.


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