A Little About Your New Recruit

5 Nov

Hi all!

So I was asked last week about some of my previous poems. We’ve been doing a lot of work around ourselves and what makes us ‘tick’ just recently (always best to write what we know!), but one of the main reasons I joined up is because quite a few lecturers at my university said I was good at writing. I made a few ‘poetry videos’ for my media course, the best two of which can be found below (and ‘Two Minutes’ will be getting re-filmed in the near future!).

The story behind Two Minutes was based around a montage we had to make for our course. The idea was to do one project a week over a ten-week period, culminating in a ‘showreel’ of sorts featuring all our different projects. Each week, our project had to be focused on a single word. For week one, the word was ‘wall’. For week two, it was ‘time’. In the first week, someone wrote a poem about a wall – it was rather self-indulgent, but everyone congratulated his attempt. I figured I could do better, so I made this video. Contrary to popular beliefs, it only took me around twenty minutes to write.

I was never that satisfied with ‘Mr Nice Guy’. We had a similar task in our final year, and since it worked so well the first time around, I repeated the process, aiming for a more advanced final piece. This time the word was ‘Spectacle’, and this time we had two weeks as opposed to one. I decided to make a ‘spectacle’ of myself (no narcissism intended), and made this sort-of sequel to my initial poetry video. The audio was much better this time around (as were the visuals). This one took longer to write (an altogether longer poem), and it is about a lot of the ‘nice guys’ I could see around me – myself included – and basically how we were branded as innocents, despite being some of the messiest company to have around on nights out. This mocking poem was simply to remark on the irony, but I deemed to make future poems shorter in length.

One of the problems I’ve found looking back at my videos is my performance style. Despite the first ten years of my academic life being heavily involved in drama circles, I forgot my lines on stage once (in front of around five hundred people), and despite having a successful return to the stage one year later, vowed to not to ‘do’ drama anymore. My delivery of any poems I write do not seem to represent my more entertaining traits. Although I have a rather reclusive personality, once my ‘barriers’ come down, I can be a rather loud, whacky and very entertaining character. This side of me is what I need for live performances, without any deal of shyness. That is why I have joined the society – help me find the ‘Alice Cooper’ in me! 🙂

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One Response to “A Little About Your New Recruit”

  1. mouthypoets November 18, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    I look forward to seeing ‘Alice’ more. I really appreciate your honesty and sharing and this idea of introducing yourself is a great one! Thanks Adam.


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