After David Allan Evans – a poem by the Mouthy Youngers

16 Dec

A million apologies for the lengthy delay but my clicke for the day will be better late than never.

At my previous session with the Mouthy Youngers, we had a look at cliches and had a go at reworking a version of David Allan Evan’s ‘The Story of Lava’ that had had cliches worked into it.

We did this as a group, we being myself, George Wilding, Star, Cindy, Luke and Abigail.

The resulting piece has bits of all of us in it and is, I feel, wonderfully bizarre. Make of it what you will:

Every time I smell pink blueberry lemonade,
it is the last time I saw Osiana.
My father is reading me Skellig like it’s Jacqueline Wilson’s bible.
In our house, whilst werewolves throw sweets through my open window,
his yellow suit, freshly pressed from Mrs. Rosie’s dry-cleaners, his pink
Adidas trainers peek through the bottom of his trousers.
A spray of aftershave carelessly spritzed over his big, hairy, chapped hands,
which are pressed into an upside down ‘T’ like tjhey’re magnetic.

Any comments welcome


One Response to “After David Allan Evans – a poem by the Mouthy Youngers”

  1. mouthypoets January 6, 2013 at 10:44 pm #

    I honestly think this poem is beautiful, the language sounds and feels amazing and the specificity gives an amazing depth of character.

    I also like how crazy it is!

    Sometimes the imagey is so amazing and consuming I get lost with it, so when you say “He” I have forgotten who He is? Maybe calling him Father again, will help remind the reader without pulling them out of the amazing world you have created?

    It feels like a new age Roald Dahl novel!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me someone is performing this at SST4?!?!?!?

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