Cheese line you…

4 Jan

Cheese line you never know what u have lost till it’s gone.

But it’s true if I had known that your scent of Sean john, black and golden locks, brown/green island eyes, not big not small bt medium pink/brown lips and your tall muscular figure was not going to be here right now,

I would have shown you that I loved you when you were here.

I would have stopped thinking twice asking if I should or not I would have taken u in to my world make u see what I see through these just ordinary brown eys of mine,

I would have followed the love map of my heart a little more and it would have led me to u.

It’s hard to know that I cannot show you anymore not even a highlight or clue of the map that I once held on my heart.

I would have lived an era in just a few hours.

Consider every word u said, not letting them evaporate so fast. I was so wrapped in my own illustration, anxious to let it show, But now I crave to have loved you.

If I could go back I would change the moments that were insensitive to u the times that you were a broken shattered mirror I would have hidden the cracks that were seen in reflections.

But as an alternative I just have a few concise moments that I tried to show not enough at all.

I refused and erased the thought to feel love for you

Now you’re gone, I’m all alone, empty.

I wonder…… Did you know or feel that I loved you?


One Response to “Cheese line you…”

  1. mouthypoets January 4, 2013 at 1:24 am #

    I can only post it as a quote please feedback

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