What is all this?

7 Jan

Today’s Youngers Session was Ioney’s.

I shadowed.

As a group, we came up with this poem –


Revolution is really comfy. See it every day.

Love is a large living organism with a trunk and branches, prehap gnarled.

Lace; a bright figure, lights up a dark room.

Love is yummy. You have it every day.

Love is a big grey mammal with tusks, memories and a masive nose.

Lace; a see through figure that carries liquid.

Revolution is really annoying. It makes people sneeze.

Revolution is a moving shredder of wheat of various other crops.

Revolution as burnt as the Spanih rissotto I forgot about.

Lace; cute and cuddly and also fun.

Lace; a stick of combustible wax.

Love is as tall and wrinkly as a grandpa frog.

Lace; it is your identity.

Lace; the head wear adorned by enforcers of the law.

Love is a pretty plant displayed in most peoples’ gardens

Love lets the cold in. Don’t open.

Revolution is a rectangular 3D block of crumbly red.

Revolution as wet as me as I climb out of my bath.

Love is a sturdy hard surface.

Revolution is a wild dancing body that covers 3/4 of the Earth.


2 Responses to “What is all this?”

  1. mouthypoets January 8, 2013 at 6:56 pm #

    I AM BLOWN AWAY. Cannot wait to work out what we are doing with all of this material?


  2. Matt M January 9, 2013 at 1:38 am #

    Luke and Abi seemed up for doing the After David Allan Evans one, so should be all good . . .

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