Revolution Lace Love

9 Jan

With lace tied tight I lift my soul to the sky
Because deep inside I know there’s more to the eye
So I reached inside with folded palms and ribbon on arms ready to fight and emerge on the other side Victorious like a king beside his worriers as the glorious champion of my life..

But it hasn’t always been this nice,
I was once at the bottom and just spun cotton over all of my problems
I wove them good bye but they where never really gone just trodden..
So magets would grow from them like food gone rotten
Because resentment can only bread on the fabric that love once had a spot on..

So make your bed carefully
I still remember it was us pillow fighting cheerfully
We would bust joke n barely sleep
but you lost hope let go of the rope swapped your gift for an overdose..  I know u always wanted to be with ur dad in heaven see..
so they say it happended inherently But grace u were suppose grow grey here with me
Now its just me, eyes tied tight, upon laced pilliiows fighting tearfully.

Raphael Blake (feed back welcomed :))


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