More Youngers Material

15 Jan

As I mentioned on the FB group, me and Cindy did another of these love lace rev poems on Ioney’s model. It was just Cindy so not so much youngers as younger, but there we go, it all went well. . . .


Love is used to make a room brighter and the colour is sometimes yellow.

Revolution is used for writing on with special markers and usually plain white.

Love opens and closes. You can go through this item, which usually has a wood-like, dull colour.

Revolution is a hard surface with legs for games or meals.

Lace covers up the floorboards in different colours and sizes.

Love is used to place items on and to lean on.

Revolution is ankle-high bright plastic, good for splashing in puddles.

Revolution is a warm, wooly piece of clothing to go over thinner material.

Lace is used for writing and sometimes drawing.

Love let’s the air in and the view is sometimes amazing.

Lace is half-rat, half-fish with a nose like a spade.

Love is used to make your voice sound loud and is used in performances by children and adults.

Lace is used for sitting on, sometimes comfortable and sometimes made of wood.

Revolution is a big hunk of wood and cloth that sails a skull and cross bones above the sea.

Love is a four wheeled machine that can take you almost anywhere with roads.

Lace is a large rough item that is used for walking on. Sometimes the texture is fluffy.

Lace is for writing on, sometimes lined, sometimes plain, it is used in schools.


So there we go, some more decent lines in there I think.

So my idea was that if we were thinking of hanging poems off the walls and/or ceiling on the day then we could just accumulate a load of material from the youngers with exercises like this. This one was Ioney’s (or probably at some point Deb’s and before that someone else’s) but I’ll leave the instructions below:


  1. Each person taking part, rip a piece of paper into 6 parts.
  2. On each part write Love, Lace or Revolution (so far we’ve kept it even, ie – 2 each for Love, Lace and Rev. With Cindy, as it was just two of us, we did nine bits of paper each instead of 6 – 3 Love, 3 Lace, 3 Rev – but any amount would work)
  3. Make a pile with these pieces of paper – we’ll call it the llr pile.
  4. Each person write a list of nouns on a new bit of paper, equal to the amount of bits of paper you’ve got from step 1.
  5. Describe each noun without using the word itself. Eg – a radiator might be ‘a sheet of wrinkly white metal that exudes heat’
  6. Write each description down and tear each off on a different scrap of paper.
  7. Make a new pile with these pieces of paper. Let’s call it the noun pile.
  8. Assign a scribe.
  9. Take turns in the group to choose a bit of paper from the llr pile and a bit of paper from the noun pile and read out the result, such as ‘love is a sheet of wrinkly white metal that exudes heat.’
  10. Go round the circle and write them all down.

If anyone has any variants, use them, but my suggestion is we do something like this each week and plaster the walls with the youngers’ wonderful metaphors.


2 Responses to “More Youngers Material”

  1. mouthypoets January 24, 2013 at 7:31 pm #

    The writing coming out of these youngers makes me feel like I need to work harder. They will be taking over before we know it!


  2. jayart95 January 24, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    Woah this sounds amazing! Keep up the good work 🙂


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