my love poem…dont no what to call it but this is my ss4

18 Jan

For that moment I remember those words

that fell from your mouth

Seemed as though the whole world had shook,

No material or money,

Ever made me feel like I was floating on the top of the world…

Twas like the sky had fallen into my lap…

Tears were once misunderstood.

Where hate was over stood.

Your love meant so many things but a sacrifice to me…….

Dreams never felt so real…

But still unreal…

They never felt this big…

I never had a personal person that could make me feel so safe

And secure

Instead making me feel unsafe and insecure….

I remember those ones that said

“You should straighten your hair and lose weight”

Before you left I wanted to ask you this

Can we start again?

I wanted to tell you, ask you even

If we can start again

I kind of miss those times where my mind felt silent

Where my tears would wonder

Where you did not absconder

Those times where you seemed to make me cry coz

I never knew if I would see your face again

Never knew when I’ll hold you close to me

I never felt so insecure…but never felt so secure.


One Response to “my love poem…dont no what to call it but this is my ss4”

  1. mouthypoets January 24, 2013 at 6:50 pm #


    Firstly, who is this?

    Thanks for sharing your work : )

    Secondly, it would be great to know what this poem means to you; what story are you telling? How do you want to make your reader/audience feel and what do you want to make them think? I would love to know the answers to these questions before I give you more feedback? This way all my feedback can help direct you towards your own goals!

    I think that these writing exercises could help with the editing…They are really worth taking the time out to do if you can!

    Warmest Regards

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