A Good Session!

22 Feb

Don’t really ‘do’ poems that take ten minutes (some may argue to the contrary on that point), but I quite like what I wrote today, and in a rathe rare occasion feel in the mood to share. By no means a finished piece, but just in case some were wondering where that rather odd line slotted into a bigger narrative:

Eerie Madonna

I see her from across the room

The eerie madonna in the gloom

Drinking her poison on the rocks


Dare I look her way so soon

Those eyes piercing bass-lined tunes

For to meet them is to fall


Fall with sand beneath my feet

In emerald bay with summer heat

That moment of weightlessness


That sinking feeling down below

Heart rate soars, but body slows

Do I see, the eerie madonna on the rocks?


Lonely woman buckled in black

Visage of when her sanity cracked

Across the void she looks at me

And I freeze a glance right back


Again I see a horizon line

Each wave crashing white behind

The cruel and salty silent sea

As emerald eyes gaze back at me


One Response to “A Good Session!”

  1. mouthypoets April 20, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    Hello! Firstly… who is this?

    What exercise was it that prompted you to write this? Also, why do you like it and why don’t you ‘do’ poems that take 10 minutes?

    What do you want to do with this poem… are you thinking of using it in SST5 or developing it for some other purpose? I really like this poem, it is an amazingly tight first draft in terms of form and content, but any more specific feedback it would be good to know what you want it to achieve.


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