my free write

8 Mar

Im so strong that even rejection gives me a reflection

to mention that okay

all my dreams wont come out that easily

that maybe im here to work hard like my ancestors did back than

my 4 farthers and longer worked thier hardest to stand up for them self

…. its hard to relise ive to relocate my heart and my dreams

though i feel like im a mind of a person with bipolor disorder

at least ive an understanding what ups and downs must be..

one minuet im high differently next

im low seeing dark angels in my eyes.

.being disguesd as rejected flies i swot as they come by my side…..

so many dreams so many ways…

i see my age 50 face sitting by looking at me as a reflection of mother nature shaking her head saying you have fallen agen….

ive fallen twice ,but this time i write things in litreture open doors apply through application.

.with that once upon a hope…

how can i keep hope when they wont hope for me..

they wont cope with me..

the tissue paper wont stop soaking until it rips and gives up on me.


by Raisa xx blessings unto all


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