walking for miles-free write first draft

8 Mar

The times my feet feel so harsh but I have not walked

Not one day in your shoes

My feet feel so heavy but I have not walked

on many roads seen many faces

Held many hearts but still I feel tired

If it wasn’t for the star that kept me safe through my nightmares as a child

With huge imagination thinking that star shining over me was the Star of David

That the 3 wise men actually walked over the moon to find Jesus which was that star

That fairy tales where

Really tales false tales

Of lies that young ears could not work out

I could not see over the kitchen table

With dreams of seeing over the horizon id climb on that chair just so that

I could see or dream

Adults looked like beanstalks,

Huge big legs and microphone voices.

Which drowned my thoughts as I lay on my mother’s chest with my ears stuck on her skin

I could hear her voice as thought she was on the TV.

Her heart beating fast as she tries to talk to her friend on the other side of the room.

I tell you this whole thing with witches and wolves gave me nightmares I swear my mind over works imagination and makes them surreal.

A painted picture clouding my imagination with thoughts of adult hood being made up

Kept a secret…Not anything to me at the age of 5

Protected with fairy tale dreams of being princess, queens biting apples that where poisness living with 7 little men,

Dark castles with long corridors,

Eyes closed and ears torn

Thorns hurt but bees they still frighten me…

Now my feet are bigger and I’m a little taller

Those fairy tales I can now read between all lines written and all scenes of the film seen

Imagination carried me but the truth in reality

Follows me

Holding on the past to make the future somewhat real

I was not told in the fairy tale stories that life didn’t seem so godly anymore

That the man on the TV had all the control

Priministers weren’t seen as a joke on spitting image spitting up funny cartoon characters but its

Not a joke anymore

That feelings run deeper then the river Nile

Hotter than the sun

My whole head felt sunken stepped on my words had no float anymore,

My opinions where muted out with my own fears that pride won’t do justice for me.

Counting numbers, history stopped me grasping my creative sided mind.The pen to the paper was my hero. Make belief it was all me.

History overloading my bloodline so fast I thought growing up was throwing up

Drinking smoking, giving up

Shows how corrupted this world is

Before you’re born you already have a dream mapped out even before you’re made

You’re that cutey pie protected and held loved… your words of gaggle reaches many hearts until you walk small steps to big. More steps then less. Evolve through revolutionary scripture or brought up on the bibles revolutionary scripture.

Raisa Mcleary francis 08/03/2013

2 Responses to “walking for miles-free write first draft”

  1. fairytaleepidemic March 9, 2013 at 5:31 pm #

    Love this.

    • mouthypoets March 10, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

      thankyou xx lots of love from Raisa aka Chirio2inspire thankyou for giving me hope and liking my poetry xx

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