26 Apr
    Purple Plane

(First Draft)

Next January I will be 8
The same as my brother, Chinua
Actually, by the time I am 8 he will already be 9
It’s his birthday next month
I’m not quite sure what present to get him
I’m not sure if he’s been a good brother to me all the time
He gets to have violin lessons and always chooses the biggest slice of my mum’s banana bread.
I am always a good brother to him. Sometimes.
I let him beat me at chess and play with my Thundercats Eye of Thundera

When I grow up,
I’m going to eat a whole banana cake to myself
When I grow up
I am going to be a
A rock star
And the first brown Dr Who

I am going to design a plane that will squiggle through the sky
Leaving purple contrails smiling with the clouds up high
My mum says that life is hard, but making a paper plane is easy.
You need to use your skills to fold it very carefully
In the middle, here
Then the wings
here        and     here
Then again like this on both sides

My aunty likes songs by a short man called Symbol.
He sings about laughing on a Purple Plane
Not meaning to cause no pain

I like to race my plane so that hope floats on its wings
Wishing my brothers ones didn’t win
Me and my brothers have muscles ‘cos we eat our vegetables and do rolly pollies and sit ups
We are nearly as big and strong like Daddy, but not like the Hulk

My younger brother, Kwame
Likes bullet trains and all sorts of vehicles
Like Aston Martins and fire engines

I saw the grown up news on the telly the other day
There was a man who is going to be in prison for killing his children in a fire
That made me sad
It happened just down the road and round the corner from our house
Not a very good thing to do to your children
My mummy likes to throw our old things in the tip or take them to a charity shop
Making room for new toys and presents that our cousins give us at Christmas time
Maybe i will get a sonic pen
And use it to make things right again

Maybe that man should have taken his kids to a charity shop
So that they could be fostered like my friend Michael at school
I know a boy at school who has behaviour issues
I think that man has behaviour issues
My paper plane has a few chilli seeds and rice grains stuck on them
To put hairs on its chest when it soars.
I used my jumbo felts to colour it neatly in broad purple strokes
Disguising the pink love hearts that my mum stuck on each wing.
I drew 6 square windows,
3 on each side
so that the ghosts of those 6 children
can fly with me
forgetting about the pain
just to enjoy my
purple plane.

by BeaBop


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