SST5- Popularity

8 May

Even the wood on the popular table looked down on all the other tables.

Polished look, all you can see is a  made up face,

Don’t you know that we are all made from the earth.

The popular people’s words are law, you can break them with you’re clothes

And smiling isn’t popular to do in public, unless it’s a fake one

You want to be different but you can’t accept those who actually are.

It’s a contradiction how you grades don’t match how stupid you act.

The popular girl’s clothes glistened, but not like and afro in the sun.

I am organic, it is not chemically manufactured,

Damaged and bruised to match everyone’s hues.

I know being popular makes you instantly pretty, like a microwave meal, hot in minutes.

But being that hot, I can see through you,

Steam rises making you look down on everyone else.

Don’t you know that water vapour you hang onto to make you fly

Will diffuse so you can’t hang onto it any more

The heat will soon thaw the frozen microwave chips you have as a heart

Strip back your skin and you will find that forever thumping muscle.

Which  is most precious when worn on a sleeve,

But most ugly when hidden by materials.

It took a while to get used to this skin, I had to stretch it a lot to finally fit in


One Response to “SST5- Popularity”

  1. mouthypoets May 9, 2013 at 7:21 am #

    Not sure what feedback your want but
    Ingrid I absolutely love this. I feel the content and the purpose is there but it’s a bit jumbled. Sought of like a fantastic rant and your like and by the way. Your’e this oh and btw the your do that and oh yeah you also are that, this and those. In this form it seems a bit random. What it is that i feel is it needs a bit of structure. Write as if no one in the audience knows what a/the popular table is or means. Help tell the story. The comparison to the wood on the table even being stoosh (don’t know how to spell that I’m tryna use my UK slang here 🙂
    The line is great but has no context so early in the poem. I think it would sit clearer a few lines in. ( hope that makes sense if not let me know). maybe start with …the popula people’s words are law………

    It’s more the arranging of the lines here to help the listener shape the story/ message your conveying.

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