SST5 — Thoughts

8 May

If you look you will find ooodles of information and tips on how to edit your poetry. Some are execellent, some suck, some are so academic that you need to first remove the stick from your a__s just to read it and then need a PHD to understand the first so called “tip”.  To each his/her own but I think it lis somewhere in between, not too scary and ominous but intelligent enough to make a impact. 

As you all know, I like my poetry organic so I am not so much for the rules but that’s not to say that poetry shouldnt have  certain amount of rigour and structure to it. However, i do think there are differences in approach to editing when the intent is to do the poem as a spoken word piece as opposed to on the page. There are things you can do with your voice (as we discussed) that you cant readily convey on the page.. You can take the audience into account as you are their and you can control and direct their attention …….   So the points we will discuss are going to be around editing as it realtes to performing as opposed to the page. Please note they sometimes and are often interchangeble but there are diferences/nuiances depending on the execution.

Here is a pretty good blog on editing… i dont agree with it all but it is great in certain areas. ill let you decide whats best for you to pull from this.


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