SST5 – Silent Words (working title) – Hayley/Raph

9 May

You said you and your dad look alike
Well, apparently me and mine sound alike
so if I make a living from my words
does that mean I’m making money from a voice I’ve never heard?

Hmm cleverly observed
Because some things are inherent but most things we have learned
and we descend from these as bees and birds
so if it wasn’t for them you’d be less than miniscule, all them months of baby dribble and not even your attempts to utter simple syllables would’ve occurred.
On that basis I guess some gratitude has been earned
But don’t you think years of silence is less than we deserve?


You might be right and silence does speak louder than words
because I don’t think the ‘I miss you messages’
make up for the past 20 years of missed birthdays and Christmases

I understand life comes with challenges but that’s no excuse to abandon kids


My first day of school dressed in green and yellow

I looked for you

but only saw my lonely reflection in my freshly polished shoes

so I scuffed them in the dirt

told myself stop looking for clues

but they kept finding me cause some things we can’t choose


And the biggest day of his life
When he gathered the whole family, my 3 brothers and 3 sisters to witness him marry his wife
I found the pictures on the wall but didn’t get the invite
Is this out of love and protection or purely out of spite?


And their only explanation is we’ll understand in time
like when I found the picture of his daughter and her face matched mine
But if I’m the reflection of a family that I’ve never known,
how am I to know which face is my own?

And how am I supposed to grow to the extent a strong tree would
when he resents the seed he has sewn?

Explanations are only a dressing to cover the bruise
time is trying to sooth
it’d take just a thousand needles and pins
each the size of a javelin to close the wounds

You can close the wounds, it’s the scars that remain
and now he holds the blade
that can re-hatch all the pain
cause simple words typed on a page
can send a fragile mind insane

But at 6 years old some simple words would’ve made my day
I thought I’d wait only until the Simpsons finished because it’s my bed time at 8
16 years have passed before me and he’s reassuring words never came
I know boys are supposed to be brave
but we’re all just human and, in that vein, fragile in every way


I don’t know what keeps me sane

but something keeps on saying Raph/Hayley

just keep on preying


When I was 6 years old

he’d already been replaced

and I couldn’t even remember his face

from then on I didn’t belong in any place

I wanted my father to be my hero

I longed for those 3 words but they always amounted to zero


So travel the distance from where I am right here

to the very ends of little white hairs at the peak of my nose

and that’s exactly how far my little innocent dreams now go

I once longed to hear your accent

but now it’s just your actions I read in bold


See I inhaled in hope and waited

for your lips to just breathe hello

but silence is a statement so you can keep them closed



Time: 3 and half mins (Approx)

Theme: Coming of Age


Our main question regarding our concept: it’s supposed to be a conversation about the absence of our fathers. How can we continue to edit and write to make it a strong stage piece that is both strong as a piece of writing but creative enough to incorporate sound and movement on stage?

Any help on making the piece more abstract is also greatly appreciated i.e. is it maybe cliched or too obvious in places?


One Response to “SST5 – Silent Words (working title) – Hayley/Raph”

  1. mouthypoets May 10, 2013 at 4:48 pm #

    Still looking at this. It sounds like it will be fantastic. Question is are you guys just going back and forth. If so it may be good to mix it up. Have parts that you both say. If its the same experience. then maybe there’s some “you too???? ” Said together ….

    I.e you both say the line like messages and Christmas make up for….. Almost like one is finishing the other’s words for them as you realize how similar you are.

    Also I think if its both of you telling it. At the end It’s Needs to be wrapped up.
    Haly: so dad the fact is this has been long enough
    Ralph: and dad why do you make feel like our bloodline was on “hush”
    Together: regardless of the reason the main one that’s suffers is us etc ok that rhyming scheme was so dope but you get the point 🙂

    Make sense. You are both have the same feeling sourced by absenteeism. So play off the similarity. Point out its the same regardless of skin color heritage or sex it hurts the same. Again i don’t want to influence the content but there’s a lot her to have fun with

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