Journey through my ages part 2 continued! (ran out of page)

10 May

N.B lime breaks are not in part 1 due to running out of page space.

your tears of paint rolled down your body, dripped and bled into the grass below.

I had found alcohol, fake I.D’S, nightclubs, mobile phones and found and lost a virginity of innocence.

2002: aged 18

Right under my bedroom window you listened as I squealed with delight I was to be leaving Garfield road to start a new life in another city.

By now the beating heart of you had snapped into brittle shards.
Past summer of us together now a distant memory… like the illusion of the sunset sucking the breath out of your lungs.

September 21st 2002:

This was the last day i saw IT:

the car was packed with my belongings the house voiceless and motionless and there you were my BEST friend old and frail just a mere steel skeleton.
The grass around your wheels now fully submerged you.
I said goodbye to every room in that house and then to you knowing I would never see you again YOU my best friend.

June 2013 aged 29:

I Sit here and remeniss a new friend emerges…

A friend with an engine…

as you and I had imagined all those years ago new rubber seeps between my finger tips.

I feel 7 years old again…

making my first journey upon a 100 yards of concrete when the hands of the gentle giant let go.


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