SST5 – Soar With the Rest – George’s Poem

15 May

This is my SST5 poem. It’s quite long, but when it’s read it moves at quite a pace so it should be about 2 and a half minutes. 
Its basically a huge metaphor for how I’m petrified of failing as an actor, or even as a human being. I hope that comes across. If not, then tell me – because knowing me it’s just a big mind fart onto paper and all it convey’s is that I want to be a pigeon. 
Who knows. 
Anyway, have fun. I did when I wrote it. 

Imagine I’m an egg, resting on top of a skyscraper.
In my world, it is silent, like the moment a tennis ball is about to be served. 
Occasionally I bob with the wind, but always sticking to my place.

Sometimes it seems like I’m about to hatch…
…But I’m just biding my time,
Waiting for the moment, my moment to come.

When it does, all you notice is a slight wobble, and then a crunch and crack 
as my head breaks down what used to be me. 
I extend my neck into a new world, a bigger place than I. 
at first it’s vastly overwhelming, like being thrown into the centre of Russia
being handed a worn out map and being told to… “Go on then… find your way”.

As I eventually clamber my way out of my former self, I gain my bearings; I’m blinded
by what seems to be a world bigger than even this one.
Immediately I think that perhaps staying an egg was the easier option,
that I was forced out of solitude 
as I am battered by what now seems to be a hurricane rather than a mere breeze.

Sporadically I am met with what seems to be one like me,
she lends me food and head butts me gently
looking at me with expectation and hope.
I get thoughts of wanting to impress her, a longing to be stronger, to show her that I’m special.

But she never seems to be satisfied.
When I show her I can flap my un-feathered wings like the rest do in the sky,
she gives a uninterested tilt of the head.

Over time my wings sprout grey and white feathers, 
I swish them as I run around the rooftop, attempting to glide.
I fail.
 A never ending train of disappointment. 
But every time I get wiser, I get a drive, an anger, a fury and ultimately:

At last, I’m perched on the edge of the roof.
I look to the sky, I dream of all the places I’ll go, 
Perhaps I’ll start at that big yellow ‘M’ sign, and shit on a few cars.
Maybe I’ll glide over to that park and mingle with the people that can walk upright.  
Or shall I soar with the rest, join a formation and travel in whatever direction my brothers and sisters take me.

But before I can decide I’ve already jumped.

For a moment I’m dropping, hurtling towards the ground.
I can see myself plastered on the pavement, as the uprights step around me 
without a hint of care, while they jabber into their phones.

My wings feel light.
My feet dangle below me.
Imagine I’m a bird. 
Imagine I’m soaring with the rest. 


2 Responses to “SST5 – Soar With the Rest – George’s Poem”

  1. mouthypoets May 17, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    Hey George,

    I really like this! As I was reading it I could really visualise soaring down towards the ground, and his thought process about concerns and what to do. I think it comes across about being afraid of failing in life, and I like how you’ve chosen to explain it. I wonder how you will perform it? I don’t know if it’s meant to be this way but despite it being quite negative, it feels quite calming to read whilst having an aspect of expectance.


  2. BeaBop May 17, 2013 at 10:28 pm #

    Lovely poem with lots of movement. It makes me feel the trepidation of taking first steps. Of being up for the adventure of life. I love the narrative. As you perform this I only hear birdsong and maybe some city sounds as you enter and leave the stage.

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