My mother blames me for her hay fever Her

18 May

My mother blames me for her hay fever

 Her eyes look like vampires

Angry or on rampage

 Wait can you even catch hay fever?

I am my mother’s pride

 The thing that keeps her head up and shoulders back.

 The pride she feels when boasting my daughter is getting married

They say the man you chose for her

Is perfect and worthy of your family.

I am never wrong in my mother’s eyes,

 No one can say anything wrong about her child.

Neighbours say I was seen in a corner

 Behind their house with a dark tall unattractive company that is that was not the one that they has chosen for me.

I am my mother’s happiness and joy from my first smile to my first foot step. Even though I gave her hay fever and she is mad at me when I gave a tissue she said “I should not even talk to you but how can I not you my child you make me happy and that smile of your is as it was when you were born.“I give my mother the reason to live. Even with me giving her my cold or hay fever she smiles with me putting a smile on her face is what keeps her going.

I am my mother’s second chance at life and succeed be someone and go places she never went. She made mistakes, she wanted a travel the world and learn new languages, go to New York learn the American English , China ha-ha my mother speaking Chinese and even India all over, she wanted to meet new people Japanese and Brazilians and have an enormous house by the beach bigger that the white house.

I can never be a disappointment in my mother’s eyes I can’t let her down. Even when she went behind my back to find me a man to marry I still did not argue or I went along with it all she wants is what is best for me. I can never bring my mother down from the fumes of happiness just because I did not agree with her choice, nor will I let her find out about my love for any other person but me.

But what if that I disappointment my mother does what she was against. What will the mother do? Cry? In denial that maybe she is dreaming the one person that she never thought will go that way did went the exact same way she did after she had explained to me what had happen to her. I thought he loved me but he didn’t he was just using me for my wealth and kind heart.

What will my mother say? You are a disappointment? But not without a second thought because she knows how her child feels. Even, after I have wronged her. I have taken her hope, her breath not because I gave her hay fever and her noise id block NO its the fact that something is repeating its self it’s like watch back a clip of her life once.

I will not succeed. Her dream for me will not come true.

But it does not matter because a mother will always love her child. Even when her child throws up their food all over her brand new dress she would say “this is the dress that I will have to wear to night” the brand new dress that my mother bought for her 20th anniversary. You would think that her hair would be falling out of even turning in to ash from the fire in her head at that moment then she says. No matter what mistakes you make. No matter what path you take, straight or bent, on purpose or by accident. Whether, you break my trust. Or even break my heart by lying and not listening to me its ok I am your mother.

Wait can you even catch hay fever?

By Warda 


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