Evermore (A Life In Five Chapters)

28 May

Hey Mouthies! How goes it? Glad to say I can make SST5 now, albeit very last-minute. I’ve booked the 14th off to attend rehearsals. My journey poem can be found below. Looking forward to gracing the (much bigger) stage with you guys again 🙂


Evermore had Rosie kissed

On winter’s bench in whitewashed mist

When once I had stood from afar

And watched her dancing in the park

Round and round her feet swept free

Then she stopped, smiling at me

My heart then froze at what I saw

My heart to freeze forevermore


How twisted was fate to be

To let her share a house with me

In dance floor heat, I saw her hand

But, I did not understand 

I said goodbye and had to go

But remembered the chill of virgin snow

Arctic air to fill my bed

To stalk my dreams inside my head


She left for life with another man

Away back home in tears I ran

Sounds of thrusts on a kitchen floor

To haunt my life forevermore




Evermore since Rosie I tried

But at every love lost I cried

How twisted was fate to be

To take sweet Rosie away from me

In wedlock, she vanished from the world

No more the dancing snowdrop girl

Once, when innocence had reigned tall

To shy a hand forevermore


I tore my soul for a moment’s peace

For maddening lingering thoughts to cease

When air at night fell cold again

And echoes of Rosie’s feet remained

I shouted her name into ravenous dark

Rejected that smile in the icy park

Her ghost of love to provoke my shame

Unto my life, I cursed her name


Yet far away, where none could see

Rosie ran at greatest speed

Husband dead on the bedroom floor

His threat to linger nevermore



Evermore was Rosie to flee

Until one day she came to me

Upon her face I grabbed her hand

And said this time I’d understand

She told me how she’d killed her spouse

Dead and lost inside their house

That night the frost began to thaw

Til police came knocking upon my door


How twisted was fate to be

To take her once again from me

That night she asked if I could lie

To give herself an alibi

In the station, upon a seat

I heard echoes of dancing feet

Last night her head was on my chest

When lust had put her ghost to rest


But vengeance alone was in my head

A wish to stop the nightmares dead

I told them she had broke the law

And she lost her freedom, forevermore.



Evermore Rosie clawed her cell

Wept inside that concrete hell

I saw her just once – she asked why

Not holding the tears in her eyes

Through clenched teeth, I felt the frost

Anger for all that time I’d lost

On beauty haunting in the gloom

On dancing shadows inside my room


I never returned to her again

And in that cell she did remain

Sounds of thrusts on a kitchen floor

Were silenced now forevermore 

Quietly, gently, her ghost returned

To remind me of her as her spirit burned

And one year on, she took her life

I awoke suddenly in the darkest night


Whispers at her point of death

My name cursed upon a dying breath

My coldest lover of them all

I shall haunt you FOREVERMORE!




Evermore I found a love of mine

In older years we moved in time

We fumbled around in welcoming dark

And danced in winter inside that park

How twisted was fate to be

To grant me love at forty-three

With hope, I achieved a little fame

I forgot evermore that ghostly name


When once one day of relative bore

Another knock came upon my door

I opened up to an emotional wreck

And a dagger jammed inside my neck

As I bled out upon the step

An orphaned boy above me wept

Then leaned in close and whispered sure

She’ll haunt you dad, forevermore


Rosie’s curse crept upon my mind

She froze my heart that final time

Inside a room that has no door

We now both reside



One Response to “Evermore (A Life In Five Chapters)”

  1. mouthypoets May 30, 2013 at 7:50 am #

    P.S – This would be my approach to performance (more or less)

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