SAYSUMTHIN5 NEW EDIT (Georgina Wilding)

6 Jun

Much much happier with this one guys, would love more feedback if you’re free 🙂 

(It’s still untitled)….

I was brought up on karaoke and kebab.

Not just the chip shop kind, oh no.

The back of freezer,

soggy cardboard box kind,

Heads up, working class Britain!


Grey haired uncles

who smelled of … herbs

would stay till late, bang on our tables and sing

‘Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be,’  (sway hands in air)

And as the beer spilt like holy water, I laughed away the practicalities,
and the tesco two stripe.


3am mornings and I’d wake up to Grandma

And her brothers coming home, dragging a not so sober

Granddad back from the Greyhound in Arnold.
He looked like that sock that’s been missing for weeks,

Just found, crumpled, down the back of the sofa,

Seams on the outside, hair on the end.  

He would always swear that Grandma’s Tiamarias

were all coke  and that’s why she was still standing,

but the truth of the matter is,

That girl can drink!


She goes to the pubs, with her bleach blonde hair and heels,

A cheeky fag in hand with a cackle that tips its head to the years
of too much, everything.

Think Benidorm.  Or Patsy Stone:
‘Darling, don’t worry. He’s obviously very old and completely blind.’


Granddad’s always somewhere close pretending not to smile

With a discerning ‘Barbara’ as he tries to tell her off.

Nobody listens to Granddad.

Although, he did pull the rug from under us once,

When he turned up with a brand new jaguar he’d brought,

Out of the blue, no warning,

Because ‘he felt depressed.’ (act camp)

Turns out the chippy couldn’t fix that one!


Chips are a staple in my house.
They made me who I am

And got me to this very stage.

So next time someone offers me ‘Welsh Rarebit’

Posh cheese on toast.

I’ll say no thanks,

Take back your guardian,

And your cafetiere and

Bring Me The Kebab. (raise hand in the air)


3 Responses to “SAYSUMTHIN5 NEW EDIT (Georgina Wilding)”

  1. Anne June 6, 2013 at 10:30 am #

    Love it Georgie! It’s bought (no R) when you buy something and brought (with a R when you bRing something).
    The only line i’m not keen on is the ‘working class Britain’ – don’t know that you need it? But that’s up to you – can’t wait to see you perform this x

  2. Sacha Wise June 8, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

    Your performance was great Georgina!!! 🙂

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