Bleeding daisy (draft two!)

29 Aug

I try to be an Sunday white frock,

walk on broken glass whilst others tread silently.

I feel numb for  long relationships

and attach feelings to strangers.


I try to be a flower wreath, halo.

Spend my time planning out the plot.

I feel like a bedroom full of angst that is yet to go away.

I feel like theres a rope hanging in the corner there too.


Lee Hi sings; “Every rose has its thorn.”

and I feel forced into being a daisy.

I feel like a rose.

Not live and blooming but dried and wilting.

bleeding. black.


Around you, over pixels and signals,

I don’t have to be that Daisy.

Your hands grip me tightly

and  thorns dig into palm.

A little blood never killed anyone.
I don’t even try to hide.

We fall into each others arms

like lovers tumble into blankets

on sunday mornings. Only over pixels.


Your break ups and hurts are screaming,

and I can’t even hear what to do

All these miles and miles of ocean,

blocking the soundwaves.


and somehow still don’t know you any better

than the night before.


Apart from the fact you have 3 jobs;

clothes, landscaping

and bartending.

And the fact you make bets about gettting laid,

drive around towns on Tuesday nights

looking for clubs that will accommodate

your midweek drunken blues.


You then turn to your phone,

and tell me.

That you lost the bet.

and that there are no decent clubs on Tuesdays.

And I remind you that it means your forfeit is drag.


We laugh and groan and

our conversation spirals into talks I have avoided.

You forget to wish me a Happy Birthday,

I feel empty,

but I don’t feel insecure.

I don’t feel lonely.

I feel.

wheyyy I’m eager on this one

let me know what you think?



One Response to “Bleeding daisy (draft two!)”

  1. Anne holloway September 6, 2013 at 7:18 am #

    Confused as I thought I’deft feedback on a draft of this already and now it’s not showing here- and these versions look different from the one I’ve already looked at?? So I’m not going to do more feedback until I’m safely on a laptop! Hopefully soon!! But this looks really strong J x

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