Chocolate Tree

20 Sep

I grew a chocolate tree

Roots spindly with a reach that flowed like rivers of molten knowledge

My head was full
with memories of cacao against a backdrop of hessian coated music
I gathered my pods
in a basket so choced full
it could have been a precious child
another baby like you wanted
I marvelled at the green, purple and gold
skin which covered the treasures within.
The trunk of my chocolate tree
Is thin and awkward as if terrified of revealing
too many directions to the path of the curious sankofa bird
Dark smooth wood encircles the inner core
and I keep my stories tight within each ring,
each ring contrasts against the plain dry truth
of my struggle to get out of myself
to release myself from
years of circular arguments
and conversations with you about
the price of beans
the way love goes
how cacoa is massacred
From cacao stems
hope reaches from my fingers
protruding outwards
layers  crossing to fill the air without touching
and I miss your touch
long drawn leaves
reflections of discussions dipped in chilli-eucalytpus
about how I don’t know how to be
and I shouldn’t be listening to that
and I need to be saying nothing
and how I don’t look good in milk, plain or white anymore.
I climbed my chocolate tree
Unaided with the lightness of a gecko
beat out a rhythm of milk and rum sugar
and i danced until i was drunk
and i cried until the sweet bean was sucked dry
BeaBop (first draft)
Please comment.  This is for the group performance at Sweet Like Cocoa Festival on 1st October with Jeiran, Honey and Serita.

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