Mama Cocoa

28 Sep

My mummy was a chocolate tree

She was tall in spirit

And as vibrant as a seasoned cocoa pod.

She taught me everything

yet always said that she knew not a thing.

Her hair long and wiry grew from a head full of

stories of giants that fell from Mandela’s chocolate beanstalk

that he melted with the  heat of an African sun

She whispered Ethiopian music that travelled down her trunk in waves

as Ge’ez scripts played out in octaves

reaching down into roots which planted her firmly into dark red and dark soil.


When she laughed all of Mothere Nature

would ripple in it’s smoothness

When she told me off

Chips of roasted cocoa would hurt my heart


I knew when she was sad ‘cos  her arms

would hold me far away enough for me not to

catch the chocolate milk drops from her eyes


Sometimes she went to that milky place inside herself

As void as a white space with cumulo-nimbus clouds for protection

As if on holiday, there wa no reaching her.

Her eyes would not blink.

Her voice would not lilt.

Her arms would flop like the rag doll she had never possessed as a child.


When she returned she would explain that

She needed these times

To sit and reconcile

The white and the dark, the milk against the stark

Reality of not being able to uproot herself and make herself fly.

So I made a camera from memories

and loo roll stuck to a toothpaste box

I took a photo of mum and me and placed it gently near her roots.

Something to take  with you when you go away again, I said

Something to remember me by.

She replied, “When you dream of cocoa,

your chocolate tree will always remember its roots.

Birds will flock within its canopy.

And tell her tales of how to fly”.


by BeaBop

Any comments would be welcome.

I have a trilogy going on in my head with The Chocolate Tree, Mama Cocoa and another.

Much to refine, but the challenge is to see how it could be performed – if at all. 




2 Responses to “Mama Cocoa”

  1. grenadejay October 23, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

    Awesome! I’m currently trying my hand out at poetry(got a blog for it too), and as someone really interested and with some knowledge of poetry, I say you did a damn fine job.

  2. grenadejay October 23, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    Reblogged this on Jackshire's Poetry Blog.

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