12 Nov

Who are The Mouthy Poets?


“Often, hardship and isolation from the ‘norm’ gives young people a story and a need for catharsis: there isn’t vocabulary for their experiences, so they must develop their own.” The Mouthy Poets believe that young people deserve support and education in developing and expressing this vocabulary. Furthermore, by performing these stories to large live and digital audiences, others are inspired to articulate their own differences and listen to those of others.

The Mouthy Poets are an open community collective of approximately fifty 15-30 year olds, meeting on a weekly basis where they learn writing, editing, performance and event-coordination skills. Mouthy is a young and growing organisation, which, up until this point, has been fuelled by the passion of a small and largely voluntary team.

 Newly awarded Grants for the Arts funding will enable Mouthy to grow their organisational infrastructure and sustainability. The Lead Producer role, outlined below, will enable the successful candidate to play vital hand in an growing organisation doing powerful and important work with thousands of young people. You will be joining Mouthy at an exciting time in its growth as it continues to reach young people through workshops, performances and research in Nottingham Playhouse, schools, Germany, America and soon, beyond.     

Lead Producer Job Description

3 days a week, £15,000 (£25k pro-rata) 1-year contract.

Responsible to:                 Artistic Director

Working With:                      Artistic Director, Tour Manager, Workshop Facilitators, Creative Admin Apprentice, Laura Halliwell, Margaret Meyer, Mouthy Interns & Partner Organisations

Key Contact:                      Artistic Director, Deborah Stevenson (Mouthypoets@gmail.com)

Key Purpose:                      To re-evaluate, develop and manage the administrative, communication and financial systems and processes of The Mouthy Poets. To contribute to the growth, smooth running and sustainability of the organisation by choosing and implementing a robust infrastructure tailored to Mouthy’s artistic exploration of the social power of Spoken Word; to assist in delivering the key strategic aims of The Mouthy Poets, in particular its intention to extend reach to young people in the UK and overseas.

Key Tasks:

Business administration managing systems;

  1. Create user-friendly digital, paper and online filing/storage systems for all Mouthy data and information.
  2. Provide accurate and relevant management information to the Artistic Director that supports both the day-to-day work of Mouthy Poets and the on-going delivery of the business plan.
  3. Contribute to the development of the business plan
  4. Create the Interim and Activity Reports for the Arts Council and Grants for the Arts Funding.
  5. Contribute to the development of the new company structure and support its implementation.
  6. Prepare and manage Mouthy’s production schedules, liaising with performers, participants, technicians and suppliers ensuring that activities are delivered on time and to budget.
  7. Prepare, issue and manage service contracts for partners and third parties
  8. Provide on-going administrative support to the Assistant Director and other Mouthy staff, including assisting with travel arrangements, as required.


  1. Train, inform and educate staff, interns and participants on administrative, financial and communication systems where relevant to the sustainability of Mouthy.
  2. Maintain quality communication and relationships with Nottingham Playhouse staff, participants, Interns, the public and all other relevant partners.
  3. Maintain current and build future relationships with funding bodies, corporate sponsors and philanthropists.
  4. Engage with Mouthy’s artistic activity and output regularly and in a hands on manner, providing feedback where relevant.
  5. Direct publicity and promotion (supervisory role).
  6. Direct technical requirements and arrangements for all shows (supervisory role).
  7. Ensure appropriate online content is regularly up-dated (supervisory role).

Managing finances & projects;

  1. Establish procedure for handling income, paying expenses and managing cash flow.
  2. Prepare budgets, cash flow forecasts and any other financial documentation required to prepare Mouthy for future financial growth.
  3. Provide accurate and relevant information and documents to financial bodies.


  1. Adhere at all times to Mouthy Poet’s employment policies and procedures with particular reference to Health & Safety, Child Protection, and Equal Opportunities.
  2. Undertake training as identified and agreed to ensure the on-going effective delivery of the role.
  3. Undertake additional duties as the Artistic Director may from time to time reasonably require.

Personal Specification

Skills and Experience




Business administration & managing systems -Excellent administration skills.

-At least 2 years’ experience developing and maintaining first-rate administration and business management systems and procedures.

-Experience of organisational/business administration in an arts context.

– Experience or knowledge of contract administration and intellectual property rights

Communication skills -Excellent written and spoken communication skills, and an ability to convey facts and ideas clearly, fluently and effectively.

-Excellent understanding of social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook, and how to use these as communication tools.

-Experience of planning and directing publicity and promotional activity.

-Ability to write clear and concise reports.

-Ability to interact at all levels.

-Excellent listening skills and empathic communication manner with young people.

-Strong social media presence.

-Experience working with young (vulnerable) people.

Managing finances -At least 2 years’ experience of setting, managing and reporting on substantial budgets.

-Basic accountancy skills.

-Strong analytical and strategically skills.

-Experience of applying for and gaining funding.

-Experience of working within the Grants for the Arts funding model.

Managing projects -Ability to manage complex projects including planning, monitoring/reporting and evaluation. -Experience of running live public events, including accessibility, health & safety and production aspects.
Supervising people -Understanding of a supervisory role and responsibilities.

-Experience of recruitment.

-Experience of providing leadership, motivation, support, assessing progress/performance to enable staff and volunteers of diverse backgrounds and personal styles to achieve organisational goals and their own potential.

-Mentoring or coaching supervisory style desirable.

-Experience of supervising or managing volunteers.

Partnership work   -Experience of working effectively with a wide range of stakeholders and partners such as sponsors and suppliers.

-Experience of following up funding opportunities and cultivating partnerships.


Personal attributes




Interpersonal skills -Excellent interpersonal skills and experience of working in high-energy teams. – Ability to prioritise effectively under pressure. -Ability to establish and maintain a network of external contacts in related fields.
Adaptability & flexibility -Ability to think creatively and strategically, identify fresh approaches and work flexibly.  
Self-management -Ability to maintain a patient and genial manner under pressure.

-Self-sufficient and capable of managing a varied and rapidly developing portfolio of work.

-Highly developed organisational skills with the ability to see tasks through to completion with detail and accuracy.

-Experience of taking responsibility for decisions and overseeing their implementation.

Cultural diversity -A passion for empowering young people

-A commitment to equal opportunities and cultural diversity, and a willingness to apply this at work.

How to Apply?

Please send the following to Mouthypoets@gmail.com by 6th December 2013:

  1. Your CV (no more than 2 sides of A4).
  2. A covering letter that explains how your skills and experience meets the essential criteria of the job (no more than 2 sides of A4).
  3. (Voluntary) A filled out copy of the Mouthy Poets Equality Monitoring Form, please email mouthypoets@gmail.com to recieve this form.

We also advise you prepare two signed references of approx. 300 words including

contact telephone and email details. If you are shortlisted for interview, these will be

requested on the 9th of December.

Interviews will be in Nottingham on the 12th/13th December 2013, please ensure you can be available on these dates if shortlisted.

Please ensure all documents are in Word or Pdf. format, electronic applications only.

Warmest Regards

The Mouthy Poets

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