SST6 Idea – Hayley Green

19 Dec

Okay so it’s not a fully formed idea like some of them as I’m still exploring it and it’s really pushing myself into a completely different area than normal.

My idea is to create something that’s like ‘Planet Earth’ style. So the transformation of the Earth and its creatures throughout the year. Using different species to draw similarities from humans and to tackle different traditions and stereotypes.

For example:

The Superb Bird of Paradise (lophornia sperba) has an awesome mating routine where it will clean a space in the forest, spread it’s plumage and perform a dance to attract a female – called a trance dance (ringing any bells)…

The female will usually reject 15-20 males before consenting to mate. – Seems to me like they have the power.

Also – in other parts of the world, the male emperor penguins are sitting on eggs chilling while mummy goes out hunting.

My point being – I can use these things to explore the stereotypes that our society has  and challenge them by looking at the animal kingdom – hopefully in an interesting way, not just like oh look this bird does this now I’m obviously going to compare it to humans cause it’s been done before… I think it might bring some interesting performance bits in as well.

I hope some of this makes sense…

H x


One Response to “SST6 Idea – Hayley Green”

  1. Anne December 31, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

    I think it’s a great idea and also taps into some of the pieces you’ve written before, because I think you challenge stereotypes the minute you step onto stage and open your mouth- there’s a real frankness about your sexuality that blasts away preconceptions of gay/lesbo/homo/bi bollocks that goes on! So I think you doing a piece like this will work really well.

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