SST6 – The Idea

19 Dec

So I thought I’d get my ‘Balls Of Steel’ 2014 Award in early. My poem for SST6 will (most likely) be called ‘Sore Loser’. It is based upon the theme of rejection, and then the transformation of how a person deals with that rejection, and strives to do better in the future. Specifically, the work describes the story of a poet who gets rejected from a writing workshop in Devon * coughs *, and after receiving a letter explaining why he has not got in (which highlights several errors and problems in his writing), decides to write an angry poetical letter in response (which aptly features every error and mistake he got rejected for). At the end of the poem, the writer agrees he must change, and strives to do better next time.

Although I drew inspiration from the event, I’m being careful not to mention any institutions in any amount within the poem – it is purely based on the concept of rejection, and I think the central theme of poetry will make it quite applicable to SST6. I have a rough draft already, but I’m not happy with it, so my second or third version will be up on the blog by January 17th. As it stands though, this is probably how it shall begin:

Sore Loser:

There was once this week, when I got rejected

Rejected more than I could have expected

More than I suspected, directly directed

Monuments erected for the rejections projected

Hit on a girl. Got rejected

Applied for a job. Got rejected

Some ethereal force had me elected

And protected as an in-balance uncorrected

But I ejected myself from this rejection pretension

Disconnected and forgot my apprehension

A poetry workshop was running in Devon

To develop true artists – it sounded like heaven

A week in a cottage, sat in a dale

With nothing but writing, and trekking in vales

It was something that I had a chance to win

I applied, and lo and behold! I got




Ad ~X~

P.S – This will be humourous in content, but with a serious message. I’m thinking my performance abilities will be pushed more theatrically with this piece, which is how I aim to push myself in the upcoming show. If, for whatever reason, anything goes wrong with this production, my poem ‘The Night Jimmy Got Laid’ is a back-up piece that I could develop further, located earlier in the blog.

2 Responses to “SST6 – The Idea”

  1. Anne December 31, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

    I think this will be great when you tap into rejection a bit more rather than list the rejections! But I know you’ve had a conversation with Berko about this already, so look forward to the next draft.

  2. Adam Broome January 2, 2014 at 1:37 pm #

    The idea is barely recognizable from this draft now – you’ll be pleased to hear it focuses more on the theme of rejection though! 🙂 (And is, in a rare flash of genuine emotion, actually a pretty sensitive and uplifting piece… well, I hope it will be anyway!)

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