Chumbeh’s ideas for SST6

20 Dec

This is the first poem i am considering, i wrote it at arvon. i really like it because i could see myself having these problems if my parents where still married so it makes it personal to me and also this is the first time i have ever used my first language (wolff) in any of my poetry so i am abit nervous about it and i have been debating whether i should add more to it


i never thought one day my parents would feel

betrayed by me

Father shouted at me every time the word poetry was mentioned but i

liked the way the rage took over him

it would always end with me giving him poetry facts

in those moments

there was no doubt that poetry would never get rid of me

Mother never said anything

i was aware that she agreed with father but

she caused me pain

by not giving 2 SHITS

every time her face met mine

i could see she wasn’t facing things

pretending i was going through a phaseThis was not the daughter she screamed out of her womb

every time she smiled

i could see sadness peaking through

Mother why do you shame me?

mama lota ga biy ma?

why do you blame?

mann sa doum la?

I am your daughter

I am the same daughter you yarned for

Blalama mama


This second poem i don’t know what i think about it yet but i like the way it has a fairytale story to it. i wanted to used a more comedic poem as a second option, but i felt like its not finished yet, so maybe for another say sum thin 7

The Mother of bees

The Moon awakens her in the night

which startled her

the blue bright light peeking through her window

the heat storming her skin

she was unaware of awaited her

she stood at the edge of her window

her eyes darted at the vivid yellows lights

which swarmed in

confused to find out why

she ran outside

as she stepped onto her garden

the wind oozed honey

staring at the sky

all her eyes saw were striped flashes

she stood in awe

as they started to form a dress around her

wrapping in their hums

This is how she was named

she was the 9 year old girl

Who was the Mother of Bees






One Response to “Chumbeh’s ideas for SST6”

  1. anneholloway December 31, 2013 at 1:35 pm #

    Yes please, more of your language! I think work with the first poem for SST6, but I’m wondering is there a way you can work mother of bees into the first poem, not as bees, but as words, mother of poetry, so the daughter is becoming the mother? And that’s what the parents don’t understand? Could you play with that? An image of a young girl who attracts words and language to her like the girl attracts bees? Does that make any sense at all? Then it is like a fairy story, an allegory.

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