Dancefloor, SST6, Ingrid

20 Dec

I’m not sure which show I want to do yet but just so the options are still open here is a very scratchy draft of my poem

On a day that time was flying like a chicken and

The internet was trudging through treacle,

I released myself from my laptop

By turning my living room into a dance floor.


Strobe lighting not needed because

There was carnation pink and amber

Welcomed in by the window and I

Coffee table whisked away by the Jaffa cakes in my blood stream


Who needs alcohol or a party

When you’re home alone at sunset?

Who needs alcohol or a party

When when you’re home alone with just the right amount f space to tumble


So I’ll plonk on the six year old computer

And swizzled the volume up.

I’ll drop and pop many a tune into a mosh pit of a playlist

And enjoy this party of one.



One Response to “Dancefloor, SST6, Ingrid”

  1. Anne December 31, 2013 at 2:37 pm #

    This has such energy to it, it will be a great up beat piece for SST6

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